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Force State® RF Power Supply Products

Industry and Research


Force State® RF Power Supply Products are built to drive the following application.

Force State® 高頻電源產品用來驅動以下應用


PVD                                                                                      物理氣相沉積

HDP-CVD                                                                             高密度化學氣相沉積

Capacitively coupled plasma (CCP)                                     電容耦合電漿

Inductively Coupled Plasma ( ICP)                                       感應耦合電漿系統 

Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)                                                    電漿蝕刻

PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition)     電漿輔助化學沉積

Plasma Clean System                                                           電漿清潔系統

Atmospheric Plasma                                                              常壓大氣電漿

Biomedical-Biochip                                                                生物醫學-生物晶片

Nano-materials                                                                      奈米材料


Aurora 300 W/600 W Series                                                 Aurora 產品系列


Aurora Integrated Power Supply  (IPS)                                 整合式高頻電源供應器

Aurora Integrated Plasma Equipment (IPE)                          整合式高頻電漿系統  

Aurora Oxygen/Selected Gas Plasma System                      氧氣/選用氣體電漿系統    

Aurora Atmospheric Plasma System                                     常壓電漿系統               


Product Features: 

1. The Integrated Plasma Power Supply (IPS) is one box combo/detachable design for RF Power Generator and Matching Box. RF Plasma could be applied to wider selection of materials for better efficiency versus DC Plasma.

2. The impedance could be adjusted by the IPS with automatic, semi-automatic, and fine tune modes.  The VSWR is less than 1.2.

3. The output power/gain could be adjusted continuously.  

4. The optional gas module could provide Main Gas (Helium or Argon) and Reactive Gas (Oxygen, Nitrogen and else).

5. The Oxygen/Selected Gas Plasma system and Atmospheric Plasma system solution package is provided.



1. 整合式電漿電源供應器, 結合 RF Power Generator 與 Matching Box為可拆一體式箱體. RF 高頻電漿較直流電漿能處理更多種物體及有效率.

2. 阻抗匹配 Impedance Matching 可以全自動 Automatic, 半自動 Semi-auto, 精密Fine Tune 即時調整. 反射功率 VSWR < 1.2. 

3. 輸出功率可以無段自由調整.   

4. 提供選配氣體模組可以選用主要氣體 Main Gas (氦氣或氬氣) and 反應氣體 Reactive Gas (氧氣, 氮氣, 及其他).

5. 提供氧氣/選用氣體電漿系統及常壓電漿系統整體解決方案. 



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