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Force State® is dedicated to build the premium quality products.  We provide one of the most friendly Human–machine interface in the industry for operation excellence improvement.  Our state of the art designed philososphy is way ahead of industry standard and beyond standard service.  The innovative product features are to prevent potential failures or problems before they occur and to extend the life of your tools.


At Force State®, in addition to standard service programs, we offer customized applications support, consulting services, and training courses. We would like to address to the customer specifc requirement for process optimizaton and esure customers' satisfaction.


We vow to perform the highest quality standards for the best-in-class products and service in the industries.

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Parts & Supplies

Manual Service

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Returns & Exchanges

Before returning any product for repair and/or adjustment, first follow all troubleshooting procedures. If the error or problem persists after following these procedures, please call your local Customer Support office. Be prepared to give the model number and serial number of the unit, as well as the reason for

the proposed return. This consultation call allows Customer Support to determine whether the problem can be corrected in the field or if the unit needs to be returned. Such technical consultation is always free of charge. If you return a unit without first getting authorization from Customer Support and that unit is found to be functional, you will be charged a retest and calibration fee plus shipping charges. To ensure years of dependable service, FORCE STATE® products are thoroughly tested and designed to be among the most reliable and highest quality systems.

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